Leading Edge Lighting is a Saint Louis Based Lighting Consultant and Installer

We specialize in providing customized solutions for energy efficiency lighting in commercial settings.

Full Lighting & Energy Audit
We will meet with your organization on site and conduct a thorough review of your current lighting equipment and measure energy consumption. As part of the audit we make recommendations on where LED equipment will make a significant difference in your facility to result in substantial energy savings.
Break Even Report
Next, we’ll provide a custom proposal estimating what types of significant savings you would see if transitioning to LED lighting at your facility. The report will include a “break even” date, when the cost of your new lights would be paid for and enter the pure savings stage.
Design & Installation
Our expert lighting consultants and engineers provide photo-metric simulation and design consulting services. Once design plans are finalized, we order materials and arrange for installation.
If you are eligible for any type of rebate, we will take care of the process from start to finish. You may also be eligible for tax credits.